Monday, 4 July 2016

MyPure Review: Mossa Youth Defence Toner with CloudBerry

The Mossa range appeared on the MyPure site last month and it looked really interesting. Have you ever heard of  a Cloudberry before? The fact I hadn't was enough to draw me into looking at this toner. 

Normally I would not use a product for dry or sensitive skin as my face is a little on the oily side  but I found this product wasn't at all too heavy or greasy for my skin. In fact I found that after using products that strip the oil from my face it was nice to replenish some moisture without adding more oil.

The toner is lightweight and quick drying, I think it worked well at refreshing my skin and removing any last traces of cleanser from my face to give a almost squeaky-clean feeling. I used this product by saturating a cotton pad and sweeping it across my face until I felt that my face was clean. Because I have oily skin I followed this toner up with a oil-free moisturiser but I think that you wouldn't really need one if your skin wasn't as pesky as mine.

Because of the natural soothing properties of this toner I also found it didn't annoy any blemishes. This is because it is not alcohol based and it gentle on the skin.

Scent wise this has a light berry scent that isn't too distracting but at the same time is lovely and lingers just long enough to make this product feel like a total luxery.

In all I highly rate this product as one that is suitable for most of any skin types and is a perfect 'my first toner'. Go check it out on the MyPure website along with their massive range of natural health and beauty products!

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