Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Body Shop Moringa Body Sorbet Review

A few months back I was introduced to The Body Shop's Sorbet range and instantly fell in love with this super easy to use moisturiser. Since then moisturising has been integrated into my skincare/body care routine which is something that I always failed to do consistently.

I am not going to go into major detail about what a Body Sorbet is as I did that when I blogged about the Satsuma version a few months ago.  But suffice to say they are a lightweight gel consistency and absorb into the skin super quickly.

As an aside my bottle arrived broken when I ordered this online (see the cap) however as this didn't impact the product at all I never contacted customer services about this.

I took a bit of a punt on buying this Body Sorbet as I have never smelt any of the products in the Moringa range. I must admit I am not too keen on it. It is a generic flowery type smell but to me it is extremely strong to the point it is almost overpowering and heady. To start with I really didn't get on with it but I did get used to the scent after a while and did use up the whole bottle eventually. I think I will stick to using the fruity ones from now on.  

As I said before I love how this product is so lightweight, it melts into the skin leaving no sticky residue behind at all.  The only downside to this product is the fact that the texture is quite thick and while this doesn't impact using it at all I find that you do tend to use this up quite quickly compared to other Body Shop products.

In all while I love this range I find that this isn't as strong a product as the Satsuma version and unless you ADORE flowery scents I wouldn't buy this product (nose)blind without smelling it in the shop first.

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Lush Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar

Lush's Strawberry Feels Forever is my first adventure into Massage Bars. A solid block of body lotion/butter that melts in contact with the skin, this is super easy to use, either rub the bar between your hands and then rub the lotion into your skin  or do as I did and rub the bar directly onto the skin and then massage in.

The scent of this bar is not a traditional Strawberry scent at all. It really isn't fruity. Instead it is sweet smelling almost like candy. The addition of Coca Butter helps this allusion too. The scent doesn't linger very long, but with how decadent and sweet it smells I think that is a good thing! 

The bar is a good size  (75g) and fits well into my hand. I use this bar in the evening as part of my night care routine as it is quite a thick heavy butter texture and while it isn't sticky it is a little oily  and rich on the skin for daytime wear. I find by the next morning it has been completely absorbed into my skin leaving it silky and soft without any hint of residue.

 I did find this bar a little tricky to store as once the outer layer has melted it goes sticky until it all cools down and solidify.  You can buy massage tins from Lush however I couldn't find one that fitted this quite decently sized bar. I wrapped mine in loose tissue paper so that the bar didn't stick to it.

Because of how you use this bar it last for a really long time, I managed to get a month or so out of mine which is a big surprise after using traditional liquid lotions which run out much faster.

I really rate this bar highly and will be checking out the other bars in the range from Lush too.
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Monday, 25 January 2016

MyPure Review: Kosmea Skin Clinic Rosehip Oil

When I finally manage to get my nasty oily spot prone skin under control I never know what to do next. I don't like stripping it of any more oil and yet many face creams are far too rich and put me back in exactly the same position.

Rosehip Oil is a wonder product that I have read alot about in the blogasphere lately so when I saw that you could get it through MyPure I jumped at the chance to try it for myself.

Rosehip Oil is described as a multivitamin for the skin- a claim that is both bold and promising. I was a little dubious about adding more oil to my already oil-prone skin as my only other encounter with a facial oil has ended very badly. However this oil promised to help the condition of my skin as well as healing scars and acne.

Kosmea's Rosehip Oil  comes in a 20ml glass bottle with a dropper/pipette applicator. It seems easy enough to use- drop 2-3 drops into damp skin and massage in the oil. I have never used a pipette type applicator before and for me it took some getting use to in order to control the oil but i think it is pretty easy once you have the hang of it and it is certainly the best way to control the oil.

The first thing I noticed is that this product really is oily. I know I should have expected that but it still took me by surprise. Saying this I found it easily absorbed into the skin by rubbing it in  circular motions without leaving any residue or stickyness. I did notice that my face had a oily shimmer to it after using this product so I would suggest use this in the evening to give it a bit longer to skin into the skin.

The next thing to note is the smell. Rosehip is NOT the same a roses. This is something that I didn't know. You can imagine my surprise! As this is just very concentrated Rosehip it is quite a strong scent. Personally I can't say that it is the best scent in the world but it is bearable. 

After applying this product my skin was super soft the next day and I noticed that my skin seemed smoother and more re-textured. I have yet to see much difference in the redness in my face from scarring but this could be something that takes more time.

In all this product surprised me- but in a good way! I am glad I took the plunge and tried it as it is certainly good for my skin and I will continue to use my bottle!

The product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing. For more information please refer to my disclosure and PR policy.
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Saturday, 9 January 2016

MYPure Review: EcoTools Skin Perfecting BB/CC brush

When I saw this interesting brush on the MyPure website I knew I had to try it. I have never been converted to BB/CC creams even though I own quite a few and I was hoping this brush would help change that.

I find that BB/CC creams never apply as streak-free as a full foundation. In hindsight I am sure that I have always used my fingers to apply them (which for one thing isn't the most hygienic way of applying any face product) and have never seen a brush marketed as being specifically for helping with this.

MyPure sells a big range of natural and organic health, beauty and cosmetic products. This EcoTools brush is made from a super lightweight bamboo handle and cruelty free bristles. It is really soft and easy to handle.

The shape of the bristles is tapered very softly but it is still quite a high density brush which means it covers a bigger area at once but also is designed to fit into the creases around your nose for example.

I found the best way to use this brush was like a stipling brush and to 'dab' on the product rather than brushing it on as it still continued to streak and look a little patchy otherwise. I found you also had to be careful not to overwork the BB/CC cream as it started to almost buff the product off my face. However saying this with a little practice I was able to use this brush perfectly well and it is a brush I keep reaching for when applying my makeup. In fact I would say that this brush makes a brilliant foundation brush- it works really well with my high density full coverage foundations and I have found that this is what I use this brush for most of all.

While I haven't been converted fully to BB/CC creams yet I am slowly getting there and this is a well made, good quality brush. The natural and cruelty free nature of it is also a bonus and while I don't use it fully as intended I think this is a good brush for any beauty guru's arsenal.

The product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing. For more information please refer to my disclosure and PR policy.  
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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Products That Suck: Soap and Glory Drama Clean

As you all know I am a big Soap and Glory fan but this is the second product by this brand to be featured in my negative feature "Products that Suck" (you can read the other one here)


Drama Clean is a 5 In 1 Micellar Cleansing Water used for taking off your makeup. My first issue with this product is the packaging, there is a lot of writing on the front of this bottle and it looses all it's charm and impact. In fact I didn't even notice that this product contains peach extract and cucumber juice until after I took this bottle home and read the front. I know it IS on there but it's just not too clear. Why this is an issue is that I HATE cucumber and it's scent. This brings me straight onto my second issue which is the smell, this bottle smells awful- like a sweetened cucumber there is no scent of peach at all and it is quite strong and I find it overwhelming which is amazing as I love strong scents normally.

I also struggled with how much of this to use, too little seemed to not work at all but saturating my cotton pads with this bad boy made it really messy and drippy to use. It also left my skin feeling sticky  after I had applied this and i needed to use  toner to get my skin feeling both clean and refreshed. 

So while this product did do it's job and remove my makeup it certainly isn't my top choice there are far better options on the market. 

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Monday, 14 December 2015

A England Briar Rose

A England is a polish company that I know always produces a quality product. It is a burgundy wine toned wonder with beautiful scattered holographic particles. I am not sure if it the base colour or not but it looks like golden holographic pigment rather than standard silver which instantly adds extra decadence to this polish (my photos are with the flash on so you can see this!).

Like all A Englands this polish applies like butter with no dragging or issues and was opaque in two coats. I have finished off my polish with a coat of Poshe topcoat.

This polish is a classic colour with a modern twist that is elegant and very classy. Do you own any A England polishes?

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Lush Cranberry Face Mask Review

Does anything smell as instantly festive as cranberry? I don't think so! Cranberry is a limited edition fresh face mask from Lush and smells exactly like you expect it to.

This mask is suitable for all skin types and is designed to give skin exposed to the winter elements some extra TLC. This mask is made up of  cranberries, fresh fennel and argan oil. I was a little worried that it would be a bit too oily for my oily skintype but this wasn't an issue at all! In fact it was really great at clearing my pores and helping my skin feel clean and clear.

Scent wise you get crisp cranberry with a subtle rose from the Argan Oil which is refreshing and comforting without being overwhelmingly sweet. It is a dusky pink in colour and a little thinner than other facemasks I have used from Lush. This makes it easier to spread over the skin and it dries down quickly. 

 After applying my skin felt softer and plumper, this is a fabulous treat for the winter months and it is nice to try products that aren't always 'spot fighting'. I feel really pampered when using this product and I would certainly say grab a pot of this when placing your next order.

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

MyPure Review: Sukin Purifying Facial Masque

I love face masks, they are the only thing that keeps my oil-slick face manageable. I decided to give this Sukin facial mask a try to see what it is like from the great site MyPure who sell loads of organic and natural beauty products.

I love the simple design of this mask, it comes in a sturdy screw lid pot with a plastic inner liner which is really handy to help stop any leakages! If you are a bit afraid of using your fingers this pot is more than wide enough to use a mask-brush with as well.

This mask uses kaolin clay as well as aloe vera and rose hip oil. I find some clay masks can be too drying as they suck up excess oil but the extra ingredients in this mask are perfect for making this a little bit gentler on the face. Saying this however I would still follow this mask up with a good facial lotion. 

This is quite a thick mask and can take a bit longer to apply and dry down but as it dries it pulls any impurities from the skin. I noticed that the pores on my nose were alot less congested and reduced in size once I started using this mask (once a week as part of my skincare routine). I also noticed that it helped deal with any acne or spots I would have on my face as it drew out any nastiness.

In all I think this is a great product and I will continue to use my pot as it is strong enough to clear my skin but gentle at the same time as not to irritate my sensitive face. In addition this product is organic, vegan and not tested on animals which is a big bonus!

Be sure to check out the other great products that MyPure offers too!

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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

MyPure Review: Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar Cleansing water has taken over the beauty world by storm and when MyPure offered me a natural  100% vegan alternative I knew I had to take the plunge and try it (you can buy it here)

The cleansing water comes in this natural looking brown plastic bottle. It comes with a squeeze top lid so that you can gentle apply a small amount to a cotton pad without drenching and wasting all your product.My only complaint is that the colour of the bottles makes it hard to see how much product you have left unless you hold it up to the light 

What drew me most to this product was the fact it was suitable for all skin types, some Micellar waters can be too oily or even too drying and my oily skin can be quite fussy. However this water was gentle enough that it didn't irritate my skin.

In fact this water is maybe the most gentle cleansing water I have used thanks to aloe vera and chamomile in the product. It was also really effective at removing my makeup. I think for stubborn waterproof eyemakeup you might want to use a eye-makeup remover but it easily dissolved my foundation and lipstick, elaving my face clean and fresh without any dryness or tightness to my skin.

In all I would certainly recommend this cleansing water to anyone wanting to try it!

Don't forget to check out all the other natural and organic beauty and makeup products MyPure has to offer!

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