Monday, 27 June 2016

Products That Suck: Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots

The idea of the Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots is a wonderful one. A little plastic patch of concentrated Salicylic acid that sticks like a plaster onto any nasty blemishes to give them a good amount of drying and shrinking action (these patches also contain alcohol).  

The patches come in 4 foil lined packets so that they don't dry up before use. The patches themselves come in two sizes  and are transparent so they aren't obvious that you have them on. I would suggest using them at night as this is the time that the skin starts to repair itself. 

You will recieve 4 foiled line packets in your box each with 12 assorted sized dots

I used a few of these patches on consecitive nights on a range of 'problem' areas. The reason I have taken a dislike to this product is a simple one, for me at least they don't work. I have used them on blemishes which are in many different states (cystic acne, spots coming to a head and healing spots) and noticed no difference in any of them. Like I saidd before I gave these dots the benefit of the doubt and used them every night and found that I have no better results from these than from letting the spots do their own thing (gross I know!). 

As a person who has used a lot of blemish fighting products I know that not every skintype will react in a good way to every product but considering these cost me £17.50 I expected a little more from them. Colour me dissapointed

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

 I haven't done a wishlist post for a while but here are the products I am currently lusting after. I wonder if any will make it into my shopping basket (I expect not!)

Too faced Unicorn Tears
Lunatik Cosmetics Contour Palette
LaSplash Summer Daze Collection
Dose Of Colour Pearl Dust 
Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam Glow Kit  
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
Nars Orgasm 
Phee's Rainbow Glow Highlighter
Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips
Nyx White Eyeshadow Base
Estee Lauder Clear Difference Oil Control/Mattifying Hydrating Ge
 Milani Limited Edition Amore Matte Metallic Lip Crémes

What are your most lusted after products?

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Beauticology Vanilla Frosting Body Butter

I must admit I am sometimes a brand snob, Beauticology is one of those brands I always saw in Boots and Superdrug and never looked twice at. For me the main factor is their imintation Philsophy packaging  (little did I know this is actually a sub-brand of Bayliss and Harding).

 For Christmas however I recieved a gift set of Beauticology products who didn't understand my irritation for the brand. The main product inside was this body butter in the scent Vanillia Frosting.

The scent straight away went against  what my head was telling me it would be like, no plastic smelling, over scented chemical yuckyiness but instead a light vanillia scent that somehow was faintly sugar-sweet. Consistency wise this was also a big shocker it was ultra lightweight and almost gel like in texture, melting straight into the skin leaving it soft to the touch without being sticky or over rich for my oily-prone skin. It was also faintky cooling when applied which is something that I really appreciate and wish all my expensive body butters were like!

This tub is a whopping 250ml, it has lasted me months with use everyday and I am finally scraping the remians out of my pot. Sadly I beileve that this particular product was a seasonal release only and is not longer around to buy. The moral of the story is try something by this brand it might shock you. I really must stop judging my beauty products by there brand names and packaging!
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Monday, 30 May 2016

MyPure Review: Lavera Colour and Shine Intense Hair Treatment

Since growing my hair I have noticed that the ends tend to need a little more TLC espically after dying my hair. The warm humid weather we have here certainly doesn't improve my hair's condition either!

Today's review comes from the stotre MyPure which sells loads of natural and organic beauty and makeup products. This is the Lavera Colour and Shine Intense Treatment. This is a hair masque packed with loads of organic mango and avocado. It comes in a 125ml squeeze  bottle and is the perfect size to sit in the shower. The product itself is quite thick and really coats the hair, this means you really need to massage it into the hair and it really feels like an intense treatment because of this!

Scent wise this produt doesn't smell of much in the packaging but as soon as you massage it into your hair and it hits the hot water it smells really fruity and fresh. It has a freshly pulped  fruit scent to it that clings to the hair even once it is dry. This made my hair feels really soft after I had used it. I also noticed it was more shiny. I also noticed that my hair wasn't as tangled after using this product and I had less shedding hairs! Personally I wouldn't use this product every day as it is a bit rich for my easily grease-prone hair but as a treatment I think it is only suggested as a once (twice at most) a week product and my hair really agrees with that.


In all this is a lovely treat for the hair and it is really worth using. I think your hair is sometimes neglected so it is always worth spending the extra time to pamper it. Shoot on over to Mypure to pick up your bottle and be sure to check out the other amazing products in the range!

The product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing. For more information please refer to my disclosure and PR policy
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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Holiday Miniture Travel Essentials

I have been off the blogging grid for a while, first I went on holiday to the lovely (but cold) Copenhagen in Denmark and then my laptop self-destucted.Then my replacmeny laptop exploded. But third time is a charm and I am back. If we can I would like to take a step back and talk today about some of the cute dinky travel sized products I managed to pick up for my holiday.

Let me first start by saying I took a five day break and all the produvts mentioned in this post lasted at least until the end of the holiday!

So these were the produts I took with me. Most shops will do travel size prodcuts now as will most brands. This is a great way to get what you know and love while on the move. I also think it is a great way to try new products without committing to a large bottle (and of course travel size is cheaper!).

I raided The Body Shop for my Grapefruit Body Butter and shower gel (which also doubles up as a great bubble bath) and then on Boots for my Nivea Body Spray and Elvive Colour Care shampoo and conditioner. The St Ives scrub was a great surpise to me and while not a travel essential I had never seen a tiny tube before so I had to snag one. The Lime and Ginger Shower Gel is a Superdrug own brand product The Venus Snap razor is too cute not to grab. I do think it was a little on the expensive side and actually is also a bit fiddly to get to grips with but it was lovely and compact. Lastly the tiny tins from Lush are super easy to slip into a pocket in your bag and in the colder wheather for mw they were both a life saver! 

What products do you need to take with you when you are away?

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

MyPure Review: Benecos Natural Highlighting Powder

I never got into the whole contour craze, for me bronzer just looks like a dirty mark on my face. However one thing I can get behind is strobing. I adore highlighter! So the chance to add another to my collection was a must. MyPure's newest all natural brand Benecos has a massive range of beauty products. This highlighter is called Stardust.

The Benecos highlighter comes in a standard plastic compact. It is a light pink/peach colour with a subtle pink/golden shimmer. It is pressed into the compact and embossed with a cute flower logo.

The product itself is very finely milled so the shimmer is not very chunky. This gives more of a glow to the complexion than full on luminosity which I think makes it more wearable, especially for daytime looks. I think this is a perfect highlighter for those who are a little inexperienced as it is more forgiving and the amount of glow you want can be built up as you wish.

I find myself using a soft fluffy brush with this powder and I sweep it across the tops of my cheek bones and the inner corners of my eyes, but you could use this on any traditional highlighting points.

It has a soft velvety texture when applied and it super lightweight.

This powder contains all natural and organic ingrediants so you know you are not putting any chemical nasties on your face with this one. 

In the photo below you can see one swipe of the product on my arm. This is medium density swatch and as I said before this highlighter is easily build-able.

In all this is now my go-to hughlighter for work and I really recommend it. While you are looking at the MyPure site be sure to check out the other Benecos products!

The product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing. For more information please refer to my disclosure and PR policy
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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Products That Suck: Extracts Strawberry Scrub

When I was a teenager (back in the day) I would go wild for the Boots Extracts range (I think they rebranded a few years ago because they were called something else back then).So I was excited to get a set of a few different Extract goodies for Christmas, it would be the ultimate throwback.

They used to do a really great sugar scrub which sadly has been replaced, and I was interested to see if this new scrub lived up to my love of the first one. I was also happy to see that this scrub is fairtrade.

The scrub itself it is yogurt-y consistency and comes in a 200ml screw lid flat jar. It is lightly coloured pink but it looks natural instead of being a bright cerise pink. To me the Strawberry smell in this scrub is on the subtle side and smells more like strawberry milkshake, I think this is down to the addition of shea butter.

So why do I note rate this product? For one there is no longevity to the scent at all. Even in the shower I struggled to detect much scent from it. Moreover the biggest flaw with this scrub was the lack of scubby-ness it has. The particals of scrub were too fine- almost sand like in size but they weren't dense enough to really do any kind of exfoliating on the skin. And while this scrub contained shea butter I wouldn't even say it was overly moisturising. 

In all I was really let down but this product. I have tried using more of it and less of it to see if any change might alter my feelings on it but alas no luck!

In conclusion I think there are far better scrubs on the market than this one, I know it is at the lesser end of the price scale but I can think of lots of products that work much better for the same price. I will continue to use my pot as it isn't unusable but it does leave me rather apathetic.

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Nails INC NailKale Superfood Base Coat Review

I have really neglected my nails this past year since I started in a full-time job. My nail routine became a chore, my nails broke doing such manual work and polish tended to chip on me by 10am. I have decided to go back to basics and start a basic nail care routine again. I have started using Dollish Polish Cuticle Balm which I posted a review about last time and have also started to use Nails Inc NailKale Superfood Basecoat as a nail strengthener.

The NailKale basecoat is a green tinged base coat that when applied to the nail is clear and gives a shine and glossy finish. It contains Kale which is an antioxidant  for stronger and healthier nails. To be fair I bought this as I love a gimmick product and thought why not?  It contains vitamins  A, C, E, F and H.

Oddly this basecoat does have a kale-y, green vegetable smell to it when you first apply it. This is something I wasn't expecting but this goes as soon as the polish is dry on the nail. 

You can apply this basecoat under your regular polish or use two coats three times a week for a more intense treatment.  I have decided to cut and file my nails right back and keep them naked for a while and try out this option.

In all fairness I haven't noticed a massive difference since I have started using this product but nail treatments always take forever and a day to show any real improvements. Really all that healthy goodness must be doing something and it is a much better way than drinking kale smoothies that is for sure!

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Monday, 8 February 2016

Good Things Come In Small pots

At the moment a few really cute teeny tiny tubs are having a big impact on my beauty regime. I thought I would quickly share them with you. 

Up first we have Lush's Imogen Rose Solid Perfume. I have been really lucky to to pick up a solid version on the Imogen Rose perfume because at the moment I can only see the Liquid version on the UK website.  I keep this in my handbag and use a little on my pulse points to freshen myself up through the day at work.  It smells wonderfully floral without being to mature and 'old-smelling'. I tend to rub a tiny amount between my palms and tousle my hair with this too to create an instant hair perfume which I notice every-time my hair moves.   

Next up we have Vaseline Sugar Coated Lip Therapy, this has such a beautiful grown up sweet smelling scent to it that I adore. To me it almost has a sweet Rosé smell to it. Like all the Vaseline Lip Balms this is a great moisturising product for the lips and a tin lasts forever and a day!

Finally Dollish Polish Cuticle Balm. I used to have a very advanced nail and hand care routine but with work I really don't have time for it now. I luckily managed to snag a few of these ultra cute sample sized cuticle balms and apply a generous amount into my cuticles each night. Surprisingly each diddly pot lasts for ages. The rich balm sinks in perfectly over night and has stopped any cracked cuticles during the winter coldness. There are also loads of different scents to choose from with lovely fandom inspired names to match.  

Have you got any small products that have a big impact on your beauty regime?
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Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Body Shop Moringa Body Sorbet Review

A few months back I was introduced to The Body Shop's Sorbet range and instantly fell in love with this super easy to use moisturiser. Since then moisturising has been integrated into my skincare/body care routine which is something that I always failed to do consistently.

I am not going to go into major detail about what a Body Sorbet is as I did that when I blogged about the Satsuma version a few months ago.  But suffice to say they are a lightweight gel consistency and absorb into the skin super quickly.

As an aside my bottle arrived broken when I ordered this online (see the cap) however as this didn't impact the product at all I never contacted customer services about this.

I took a bit of a punt on buying this Body Sorbet as I have never smelt any of the products in the Moringa range. I must admit I am not too keen on it. It is a generic flowery type smell but to me it is extremely strong to the point it is almost overpowering and heady. To start with I really didn't get on with it but I did get used to the scent after a while and did use up the whole bottle eventually. I think I will stick to using the fruity ones from now on.  

As I said before I love how this product is so lightweight, it melts into the skin leaving no sticky residue behind at all.  The only downside to this product is the fact that the texture is quite thick and while this doesn't impact using it at all I find that you do tend to use this up quite quickly compared to other Body Shop products.

In all while I love this range I find that this isn't as strong a product as the Satsuma version and unless you ADORE flowery scents I wouldn't buy this product (nose)blind without smelling it in the shop first.

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