Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dark Metal Lacquer Refillable Cuticle Oil Pen

Kam from Dark Metal Lacquer sent me one of her Cuticle Oil Pens to share with you.

I am the first to admit since the colder weather I need to upadte my nail care routine. The 'pen' design is one that I have yet to see used for cuticle oil (I have seen it used for lipgloss though!) and simply what you do is twist the end of the 'pen' until a little oil is pushed upwards into the brush.  I like the fact you can control how much oil you want to use easily with the pen too. You can then brush the oil into your cuticle and nail bed as you see fit.

The scent I have here is grapefruit but you can also request Coconut, Lemon, Vanilla, Rose and Almond scents too!

The grapefruit scent is very citrus-y and invigorating but not too overpowering! The oil itself is quite dry and soaks into the skin quickly and doesn't leave you feeling greasy.  Personally I would say that this is quite a light oil and if you need to do some heavy duty matience on your cuticles you need to follow up your routine with some intensive hand cream or another (heavier) cuticle treatment at night. 

What I do find interesting  however is that the pen itself is refillable. I haven't tried this yet but I have some cuticle oil which I think I might have to try filling the 'pem' with once I have used up what is in it.

The instructions for refilling are thus:

1) The pen opens up at the brush end. Pull off plastic part which holds the brush to reveal the inside of the pen. You can use your teeth for this or if you don’t like the idea of that pliers would also work well.
3) To retract the twisting part, pull gently on the end of the pen while twisting it anti-clock wise all the way to the bottom until it doesn’t go any further.
4) Optional – wash the brush of the pen in soapy water and rinse the inside, this is recommended if the scents are different or if you take a long time to use up the oil in the pen.
5) Fill the chamber with cuticle oil from the bottle and put the top with the brush back on to close it

(Your pen will arrive much fuller than mine, you can see how much I have been using it!) 

 I keep my pen in my handbag as it is a great 'on the go' treatment and you can carry it around knowing that it won't leak! The 'pen' is £2.50 and you can buy it here, Kam also sells polishes and some of them are currently on sale so check that out too! 

The inclusion of this graphic means that the product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing. For more information please refer to my disclosure and PR policy.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Layla Hologram Effect Ocean Rush

Layla Hologram Effect is a beautiful mid-blue highly holographic gem of a polish.

Like lots of mainstream linear holographic polishes this is a bit of a faff to apply and needs a bit of extra care. This is two light coats. You need to avoid dragging the first coat when you apply the second, the best way to do this is with a 'aqua' style base coat. I don't have this so was just extra slow and careful application on top of my regular Duri.   

My photo's do not show topcoat as it really starts to dull the holo effect. Sadly this means it was quite prone to tip wear and chipping so I top-coated this mani later in order to preserve it .

This polish really comes alive in the light. I've used the flash on my camera to capture the rainbow prism effect.

In all this polish is super pretty and really worth the  more in depth application.

Do you have any tips for applying holographic polishes? 
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Digit-al Dozen does Floral: Flower Studs

Today's manicure features some darking cute studs from The Born Pretty Store which sells loads of nail art goodies.

Check out this cute wheel of flower shaped nail art gems. They are flat back so sit nicely on the nail. you get so many different shades and get loads of each colour too so there are enough studs to do loads of full manicures!

They look like little blossoms! They are adorable!

So the base of my manicure is Argo by China Glaze, I wanted a base that was pretty but wouldn't detract from the flower studs. I then used my Seche Vite topcoat to help adhere the studs to the nail. I then added another layer of topcoat on top to seal them down. Doing this I was able to get two days from this manicure without any little gems pinging off!

 You can find this wheel of studs here. (The full name for these studs is  "12 Colors Flower Shape Rhinestones Glitter Nail Art" and the item code is #2385

Remember you can get all your nail art products as Born Pretty- they stock so much! You can get the studs here. If you are planning to order form Born Pretty don't forget you can 10% off your order with the code "BA5X31" which is also on my blog sidebar.

Also be sure to check out the rest of the Dozen's manicure below!

The inclusion of this graphic means that the product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Digit-al Dozen does Floral: Lace and Roses

Today I have been experimenting with some lace designed floral stickers for the Digit-al Dozen.

My base is Barry M Shocking Pink. I then applied my stickers and topcoated them with Seche Vite, Sadly these stickers were super cheapy and started to curl and lift from my nail. Don't you hate that when it happens?!

Nevermind how impractical these are I love the simplicity of these and the contrast between the black and pink. It looks very punk rock to me!

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Monday, 13 October 2014

The Digit-al Dozen does Floral: Abstract Flowers

Don't you hate it when you do a manicure take photos then get a chip in your polish before you check the photos are decent quality?

Yeah that is what happened to me. Annoyingly I had the wrong setting on my camera and all my photos were out of focus. So lets start the Digit-al Dozen Floral week with the most questionable manicure shall we- in theory it can only get better from here!

So here we go. Try to contain yourselves. The base of this manicure is Digital Nails Count Your Shadows. Then freehanded some vintage roses and attempted a sugar spun accent nail for the first time. Let me tell you that I just didn't like the effect of the sugar spun nail, it just looks messy and blobby to me. I couldn't get my polish strands to thin enough and generally it was way too stressful!  This is is not a technique I feel that I will be trying again, however my roses are semi-successful so that is an upside I guess.

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Alphabet Challenge: X is for China Glaze, Sexy In The City

So FINALLY I have got around to posting my next manicure in the Alphabet Challenge, this time the letter was 'X'. I am sure if I looked I would have found a polish starting with 'X' but with time againts me I chose China Glaze Sexy In The City instead, which still counts right? (By the way I adore the name of this one!)

Sexy In The City is an Electric blue polish with a slight blue/green shimmer. My photos show three thin coats with topcoat. 

Application wise this polish was easy to apply and it has a slight jelly-like texture which makes it look squishy and gives the shimmer lots of depth. However at the same time it has an almost frosty finish so you do need to be slightly more aware of your brush strokes in order to minimise stroke-lines on your nails.

This polish is very glowy on the nail which makes it look much better than it appears in the bottle.

Anyway you can find the rest of the manicures done as part of this Alphabet challenge (by some fab British Bloggers ) over at The Hub!  Go check 'em all out!

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

An Indie Interview: Little Lost Ones

Even though I myself am no longer an indie polish maker I think it is important to support other UK based Indie Polish brands. It is easy to forget behind the brand is a real person- a person who puts alot of time and effort into producing a high quality products. This little series helps to put a face to the brand and get to know the brands a little better. I know Indie polish can be more expensive that mainstream polish so I think it is important to know why that is and so you know where you money is going, in return hopefully you will be more likely to support the handmade brand in question.

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1. Who are you, what is your brand and where can we find you?

Hello! My name is Ria, my brand is ‘Little Lost Ones’ and you can find me on Etsy, Facebook, instagram, twitter and wordpress.

Instagram: @littlelostones
Twitter: @littlelostones

2. Why is your brand named what it is?

Once I had graduated from university, I moved back to my home town and was having a bit of an identity crisis. Not knowing what I wanted to do with my life was really daunting. It was only when I was watching an episode of cougar town where Joules (Courtney Cox) was going through a similar thing that I decided that I should do something that I really love too and know I won’t get tired of. Little Lost Ones is a reflection of the awkward transition I had into adulthood where I was feeling all lost in the big wide world, which I’m sure plenty of people can relate to.

3. What made you start making polishes?

I’ve always loved anything to do with nails. My mum was a nail tech when I was younger and she would always have me helping with nail art for her customers (I was around 13 years old, good going mum).
Like I said above, it was the realisation during an episode of Cougar Town that pushed me to do something that I knew I would love and not get sick of. But previous to that
 I had seen a few indie polishes in America and really was inspired to do some that reflected my own likes. It was 'Crows Toes' that I had first seen and even though I think theyre gorgeous, the colours were too dark for my personal preference so I thought that I could make some more colourful ones that I would wear.

4. What inspires your polishes?

Inspiration can come from anywhere and mine is generally just a mix of things that I like/everyday activities. For example, 'Flamingo Fling' is named after my love of the bird whilst 'Saved by the 90’s' started out as a graffiti inspired polish (from a piece that I watched being painted in Birmingham) which then transformed into a polish that represented my childhood years. 'I <3 LDN' was inspired by the music video by Crystal Fighters, “I love LDN”. To be honest, most of my polishes have had big transformations, they start from one idea and completely evolve into something else. For example, 'Oh My! 4th of July' started as a polish inspired by a teapot that I had, which then evolved into a mean girls polish (which was going to be called “Blue, You whore” but figured the name might not be ideal) then eventually after a lot of playing around, turned into an American looking polish. Usually my inspiration changes along the way. I have an old wordpress account where I started to log my journey and you can see the drastic changes in how the polishes started from over a year ago (

5. What was the first polish you made and why?

The first polish I made has not been released in my collection, it was called 'Sea Greed Siren' which was a gold and green polish. It was nice but I’m a perfectionist and it didn’t quite make the cut for me. It was inspired by the scary mermaid monster thing in Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. I guess just because I love Hazza really. (I’m sorry for my lack of cleaning up, I always get too excited and photograph straight away!)

6. What is your favourite polish and is it the same as your most popular polish?

My favourite polish from my collection is Flamingo Fling, I love big details so every time a heart pops out on my brush, it literally fills me with joy, haha!

My most popular so far has been “Heirloom Bloom” which is a very girly sparkly polish. 

7. What is coming next from your brand? Can you give us a sneak peek?

Well, I’m currently working on a new collection of between 4-6 polishes. Most of my polishes contain large statement glitter pieces so I will be focusing around themes rather than colour combos. I am looking to make a vintage jewellery inspired one but it’s not finished yet. I also am working on a bunting inspired polish because who doesn’t love bunting! I post most of my nail polish journey on my instagram account though (@littlelostones) so it’s best to have a look as there are multiple sneak peeks.

8. Do you sell anything other than polish on your shop?

Not at this time.

9. What makes your polish different from all the other indie polishes?

I don’t know what makes me different from others but I make what I love and I hope that translates to other people. 

10. Are there any other indie makers that inspire you?

To be honest, I didn’t even realise there were that many indie makers before I revealed what I was doing so I didn't have a person who inspired me. But, the 
small community of UK sellers have been so incredibly kind and helpful that it really encourages me to carry on doing what I’m doing.

11. Which indie polish by another brand did you wish you had created yourself?

There is one by Flash Nails called ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. It’s not so much that I wish I had made it because my style of polish is very different but I do think it’s absolutely gorgeous. 

12. Do you take custom orders?

Not currently, I’m still too small to be doing that. Hopefully in the future though, you never know.

13. Have you got a picture of a polish that never made it to your shop and why it didn't make the final cut

As I said before, I’m a mega perfectionist so there have been a few that haven’t made it. I have been trying to make the perfect night’s sky polish for years, I haven’t perfected it yet though. But you can have a look at it at it!

I hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings :) 
Thank you ever so much!
Ria x

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